Hakim for packing and distributing foodstuffs. We specialize in packing and distributing dry food, rice, sugar, small pasta, and all kinds of legumes, with the highest product quality. We aim to obtain international quality certificates through our products, which we provide to the Egyptian consumer at the lowest prices.
Sweet Egyptian sugar.
– Premium Egyptian rice from Khair Baladna.
– Legumes (yellow lentils of all kinds – lentils with meal (brown – green).
– Fava Beans (Rashidi, French, English, Australian).
– Fava Beans (Baladi, English, Australian, Ethiopian, French).
– White beans (local .. imported).
– Hummus of all kinds and sizes. Basket of pebbles.
– Chickpeas (with crushed peas).
– Popcorn – Kidney beans – Lupine.

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